Tru-Bilt’s Top Ten October Specials

Tru-Bilt is offering 10 of its most popular specials for the entire month of October!

Tru-Bilt’s first special is a 24x30x8 Garage! It comes with 2-9×7 garage doors, 1-walk door, an insulated roof, 12″ soffit overhang, wainscoting, gutters and downspouts, and 4″ of concrete floor! This special can be built on site for $17,000!

The second special is a beautiful 30x30x10 garage with 2-10×8 garage doors, 1 walk door with glass, a 12″ soffit overhang, wainscot, a concrete floor with approach and an insulated roof! This special can be built on site for $22,000!

Tru-Bilt’s third special is a 24x24x8 garage with an 8×30 porch with a ceiling! 2 9×8 insulated garage doors, 1 walk door, a 12″ soffit overhang, 2 3×4 insulated windows, and an insulated roof! This special the one for you? It can be built on site for $15,950!

This special is a handy 12×16 portable storage shed! It has a 6×6 pre hung door, a wood ramp, a wood floor, and a double bubble roof. It can be built on site for $4,950!

You are sure to love this 16x24x9 pool house! It comes with a 5/12 pitch, an 8′ porch, 2 3×4 windows, 1 10×7 garage door, gutters, a concrete floor, and it is fully insulated! This special can be built on site for $17,000!

This Tru-Bilt special is a 30x70x10 pole barn house with a wrap-around porch! It also includes an 18×8 insulated garage door, 6 insulated windows, 2 walk doors, gutters, and a concrete floor including the porch. Not to mention all interior walls ceiling framed and it will be fully insulated with closed-cell foam! This special can be all yours for $72,000!

This 40x50x14 pole barn includes a 20×14 split sliding door, 1 walk door, an insulated roof, and a concrete floor for $37,000!

Needing more storage? This special is for you! This special is a 30x40x10 garage with a 12×40 lean-to, 2 10×8 garage doors, 1 walk door, and an insulated roof! The best part? It can be built on site for $19,300!

Summer will be here before you know it! Make sure you are prepared with this 10×12 greenhouse! It comes with 1 door and 6 windows with screens built on site for only $4,500!

The last October special is a stunning 30x40x12 garage with a 5/12 pitch! It has 2 12×40 lean-to’s, 1 18×10 garage door, 1 10×10 garage door, 1 walk door, 2×2 cupolas with weathervane, a 12″ soffit overhang on the front gable, a vapor barrier on the walls and roof, 6″ gutters and a 4″ concrete floor (30×40)! This special can be yours and built on site for $33,500!