Farming is an industry that requires tons of equipment and machines. Depending on the sector of farming, farmers have to store equipment ranging from combines to planters, and everywhere in between. Anyone who has farming experience or has been around farmers knows that this machinery is big and takes up a lot of space to store. The post frame construction crew at Tru-Bilt has years of experience in building agricultural buildings for farm equipment or animals.


Agricultural pole barns are a great way to protect expensive equipment and farm animals from outside elements. Pole barns are a popular choice in the agriculture industry because they are so customizable and can be tailored to each farm’s specific needs and wants. 


One of the biggest questions surrounding constructing a new agricultural building is what size to build. The post frame construction crew at Tru-Bilt recommends that you consider a variety of factors when selecting what size pole barn you should build. Continue reading to learn more about these factors.


What will your agricultural pole barn be used for?

Above all, you need to consider what purpose your pole barn will serve. Will it be serving one purpose? Will it be a multi-purpose building? Do you have any future plans that could affect what the pole barn would be used for? Considering the purpose of your pole barn will help start to narrow down what you need. 


Here are some of the common uses for agricultural pole barns:

  • Tractor and Machinery Storage
  • Equipment Repair Shop
  • Multipurpose shed/storage


Once you’ve narrowed down what you will be using the building for, our post frame construction crew recommends that you dig deeper into the building’s intended use to determine what size you need. 


Tractor and Machinery Storage:

As discussed earlier, storing tractors and other pieces of farm equipment takes a lot of space, so it is likely that you are going to need a building that is quite large. Farm equipment is big and is not compact, so you will have to make sure that you take that into account when deciding what size to build. 


It is important to factor in what equipment you currently have that will be stored in this space. Knowing what equipment will be stored in your new agricultural pole barn helps determine how tall the building needs to be. 


Additionally, it is a good idea to think about what equipment you will have in the future. If you have plans for expansion that requires extra equipment, incorporate that into your plans and add the extra space.


Recommended sizes for tractor and machinery storage:

  • 60’x80’
  • 60’x120’
  • 80’x160’


Equipment Repair Shop:

When dealing with big machinery, you need to have plenty of space to repair and maintain the equipment if you plan on doing it yourself. Because of this, it’s a good idea to build a repair shop on your property. The amount of space you’ll need will depend on how much equipment you own and how many maintenance tools you have to store. 


Recommended sizes for an Equipment Repair Shop:

  • 60’ x 80’
  • 80’ x 88’
  • 60’ x 120’
  • 80’ x 120’


Multipurpose Shed/Storage:

Are you going to use your pole barn for both equipment storage and office space? Equipment storage and repair space? Incorporating multiple uses into one building is a technique that can help make everyday operations get smoother and efficient. 


Some questions to consider when building a multipurpose storage shed?

  • Do I need office space to accommodate any employees?
  • How much space do I need for indoor restrooms?
  • Do I need storage for excess parts and tools?
  • How big of a farm shop do I need?


This is by no means an exhaustive list of questions that should be answered before building your agricultural pole barn. It is essential that you consider every aspect of your project. 


Recommended sizes for a Multipurpose Shed/Storage: 

  • 40’x40’ + 60’x80’
  • 40’x64’ + 60’x104’
  • 40’x64’ + 60’x120’
  • 60’x64’ + 80’x160’


Post Frame Construction Crew at Tru-Bilt

Ready to build the agricultural pole barn that you’ve been needing? Contact Tru-Bilt today to hear from our post frame construction crew about your options or to get a quote!

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