Pole barn homes are gaining popularity by the day. You may have already spent quite some time researching potential options and finding the perfect pole barn home for you. Before you embark on your pole barn journey, however, it is important to know the pros and cons of a new pole barn home. 


The Pros of Great Pole Barn Homes


  • Fast Construction 
  • Lower Cost for Initial Foundation 
  • Energy Efficiency 
  • Open Floor Plans




When it comes to post-frame construction, there is significantly less construction time. With fewer materials needed to build the pole barn home, there is less need for labor, which significantly shortens your time frame. Of course in this day and age, regulations involving severe weather and health concerns such as Covid-19 might interfere with your pole barn home construction time frame. Overall, however, compared to normal construction, expect a short build time for your pole barn home.




Concrete is an expensive endeavor, and pole barn homes are often built with foundations made from concrete. However, a basement is not mandatory for a pole barn home, and eliminating it, might just save you thousands. When considering your pole barn home, look into foundation cost, and slab thickness to predict the cost. If you need assistance, contact your local pole barn builders, for assistance on price estimating, and quotes. 


Energy Efficiency


Building pole barn homes come with significant energy advantages. In normally built homes, there are up to 24 inches of space between studs that allow for loss of energy. In pole barn homes, however, columns have 8 inches or more space in between them with long lines of insulation that can be placed within them. With fantastic customizability and insulation options, keeping your pole barn home hot or cold is as easy as can be.  


Open Floor Plans 


One of the biggest pulls for pole barn homes is customizability. These homes are ideal for multifunctional space, and large open rooms. Pole barn homes don’t require thick walls to bear the load of the heavy home. This allows pole barn homes to have open floor plans and extensive space. If you are a fan of tall ceilings and open spaces, pole barn homes are for you. 


The Cons of a Pole Barn Home 


  • Custom buildings are more work 
  • Hard to obtain loans or permits 
  • Resale Value 


Custom Buildings


Basic pole barns are a very inexpensive option for a home. Since pole barn homes are so customizable, however, it is very easy to get carried away. Added features can add to costs in ways you may not expect. Additions such as lofts, second stories, interiors, and porches, are popular additions that may significantly increase your bottom line. If you want a more unique home, a pole barn home may end up costing just as much as many of the other homes on the market. 


Loans and Permits 


Many pole barn homes may not qualify for loans or mortgages. Extra documentation may need to be filled out or more information provided to be eligible for loans. That is why it is so important to discuss with your builder about total cost, lifespan, and price comparisons between your build and stick-built homes. 


Important Questions to Ask your Lender


  • What material options are available to me? 
  • How many doors and windows will be installed, and what type? 
  • How will you finish the interior of the pole barn home? 
  • What is the square footage of my living space? 
  • What roof pitch are we planning for? 

Resale Value


Most people don’t think of selling a home when buying one. Sounds counterintuitive right? Well it is actually something that is very important to consider. Life happens, maybe you have to move, get a new job, have financial trouble, go live with family etc. It is always good to plan these situations. Unfortunately, financing for pole barn homes is very difficult and becoming increasingly more so. This is due to the lack of expertise on pole barn homes in the banking industry. Talk to your builder to learn everything you can about how to potentially sell your pole barn home in the future. 


Ready to Get Started? 


Whether you are ready to get started or simply have more questions, there is no need to worry. Contact the pole barn home experts at Tru-Built today. We offer free quotes and will happily walk you through every step of the process to build you a beautiful new home. Call Today!

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