We build quality

For 30 years Tru-Bilt has been known for building the highest quality metal buildings in the region. A Tru-Bilt post-frame building is designed to withstand 85 mph winds, 3 feet of standing snow, seismic 3 earthquake standards, and has a maintenance-free exterior.

We Build More

Tru-Bilt Buildings has constructed over 10,000 post-frame metal buildings in the last 30 years. There is a reason that more of your friends and neighbors chose Tru-Bilt Buildings than any other building company year after year.

We stand behind our products

Tru-Bilt builds more than just metal buildings. We build lasting relationships with our customers because we stand behind every building we build. Every Tru-Bilt building is built with a one-year guarantee against defects in workmanship and materials from top to bottom, a 5-year warranty against roof leaks, and a 40-year warranty on the roof and sidewall metal.

Regional Builder

Tru-Bilt builds buildings within 150 mile radius of our Marion Illinois location. This includes all of the areas in and around Southern Illinois, Cape Giradeau, Evansville, St. Louis.


Monthly Special: April 2020

Join Tru-Bilt in supporting the Covid-19 Relief effort. This month Tru-Bilt is offering a 15% discount on any building and pledging a $500 donation to support the Covid-19 relief efforts right here in the Heartland for every building sold. When times are tough great communities come together and we’re proud to be part of building the Heartland for the next 30 years to come. #StandTru #BuildTru

Call 1-888-878-2458 (1-888-TRU-BILT)
Act Now! Don’t Miss Out! Offer expires April 28, 2020

Monthly Special


Every Tru-Bilt structure is custom built to meet your needs. Our experienced staff will assist you in determining the type and size of building that will grow with your needs and last a lifetime. If you need a pole barn, commercial building, portable building, horse barn, farm building or even a house, we have the dedicated staff, long-term experience, quality products and proven customer service to ensure you will receive the quality building you desire. Call us today!  Toll Free:  1-800-254-1708

Pole Barns

From farm buildings, garages, and cabins to metal homes and storage buildings Tru-Bilt can customize your structure to fit your exact specifications. Our experienced staff will help you design and build exactly what you need.

Commercial Buildings

Tru-Bilt builds office buildings, retail locations, churches, municipal buildings, storage units and more. Whatever you need, Tru-Bilt can help make it happen.

Portable Buildings

Tru-Bilt also offers a great selection of portable buildings. Need more room? We can take care of you!


Being the best in our field means that we are committed to every project. Our experience is what sets us apart
and helps us ensure that we deliver on our promises.

Professional Builders

Our building crews have the tools and experience to do it right every time. Tru-Bilt delivers top quality every time.

Certified Experience

With 30 years of experience Tru-Bilt has what it takes to deliver.

Financing Available

No everyone can afford the best quality in the industry. Our easy financing allow you to pick out the building you want for an affordable monthly payment.

Quality Guaranteed

Every Tru-Bilt building is built with a one-year guarantee against defects in workmanship and materials from top to bottom, a 5-year warranty against roof leaks, and a 40-year manufactures warranty on the roof and sidewall metal.


See what you can do with a Tru-Bilt Buildings. Check out our latest projects and examples of our work in the photo gallery.
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Tru-Bilt has the largest and most experienced build teams in the region. We’ve built over 7,000 post frame buildings and we continue to be the leader in new metal building construction year after year because we build for lasting quality.
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