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Tru-Bilt Buildings has been the leader in building the highest quality metal buildings in Southern Illinois for over 30 years! Since then, our team has built over 7,000 pole barns around all of Southern Illinois. How have we stuck around so long? The answer is our commitment. Every team member at Tru-Bilt builds structures that can withstand a minimum of 85 miles per hour winds, over 3 feet of snow, seismic 3 earthquakes, and comes with a maintenance-free exterior. We will always stand by our work and ensure that we are satisfying our customers every time, which is why every building is covered with a 5-year warranty and all of our estimates are free. When you trust a Tru-Bilt, you are trusting the best in the business. We will always offer the best service in the industry, guaranteed.

Throughout our time in Southern Illinois, we have built lifelong relationships with our customers, local business, and the community. We are proud to call Southern Illinois our home. Our mission is to ensure that every hardworking member of our community has access to the highest quality, efficient, easy, and professional construction services to fit their needs. Whether it is for storage, a new small business, a home, or something in between, Tru-Bilt wants to make sure it’s done right, when it comes to our family in Southern Illinois, your success is our success! Tru-Bilt was founded on the idea that great customer service, quality craftsmanship, and providing value each and every day is a staple of a great business, and we appreciate all of the fantastic members of our local community that has allowed us to Build Tru for so many years! Contact us today or find us on Facebook! We would love to hear more about your new project. Let Tru-Bilt serve you today!

Josh Zettler

Josh has 25+ personally coached agents and operates the largest post frame construction company by revenue and years of service. He has implemented management systems that automates offices and offers business consulting for many.

Josh is an entrepreneur at heart. He loves to see people succeed and loves aiding in that success. He is a devout Christian and a service-oriented philanthropist service over 25 charitable organizations. Josh is family-based and married to an amazing mom and educational leader, raising 4 wonderful kids. He serves in his local church teaching leadership classes and speaking. He graduated from University of Michigan with a degree in Aerospace Engineering and takes rocket science jokes personally. He continues his love for learning by being an avid reader, sharing a monthly newsletter and publishing 4 books.


Tru-Bilt has been the regional leader in metal buildings for the past 30 years. We owe this to our dedicated staff. We pride ourselves in hiring and retaining some of the most talented people in the industry, many of which have been with us for over a decade.

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