TruSolar from Tru-Bilt


Tru-Bilt just made going solar easier with TruSolar! Tru-Bilt is now carrying Enertech solar panels. It is easy to see why more and more people are using solar energy. These panels offer clean, renewable energy and offer cost savings year-round! If you have been considering making the switch to solar energy, TruSolar will help make the switch as simple as can be! 


What are the benefits of solar? Solar energy is a great way to lessen your reliance on fossil fuels and natural gas for electricity. As a result, not only are you using clean energy, but you gain independence and control over your electricity. Additionally, the transition to solar offers cost savings and can even increase the value of your home!


TruSolar can install Enertech solar panels using a variety of different mounting systems, so don’t worry about whether or not your home is right for solar. Chances are, there is a mounting system that will work for you. Panels can be mounted on the roof, ground, on a tracking mount, or on a solar canopy structure.


We hope you decide to make the switch to clean, renewable solar energy with TruSolar. Contact us today for more information!


“Staff was very knowledgeable and friendly. Really great prices” -Stacy Greer

Frequently Asked Questions About Solar

How Long Are The Warranties? 

10-25 years standard. The panels have a 10-15 year manufacturers warranty. And there is a 25 year performance warranty.