Can I build my own metal building?

Can I build my own metal building?

Wondering if you could build your very own agricultural metal building? Well, the short answer is, you absolutely can. There are many individuals that simply have the skills to do it themselves, and just want to ask the question if they can. Tru-Bilt offers many forms of building kits, that allow for individuals with some working building knowledge to erect their own buildings right on their property! 


Tru-Bilt delivers the entire kit directly to your jobs site, and of course, will offer our building services if you so choose. 

Building on your own Agricultural Metal Building vs using a builder. 


Here are the pros and cons of building your own metal building: 



  • You save money 
  • You gain valuable skill 
  • You can brag about it


  • It might be easier to use a professional 
  • Professionals are insured and have quality standards, that you don’t utilize as a DIY builder.  
  • The cost of a poor construction may cost more than just using a builder 

How long does it take to build a metal building yourself? 


Every building project is going to be slightly different, but generally speaking. 


If you are building a 40 x 60 x 14, you can complete it in about 5 days with a group of 3 builders. A 60 x 100 x 16 building would take about seven days for three to four people to build. 

How do I know if I can Handle doing the Framing? 


That is an important question and one you will have to ask yourself. DIY builders that have some building experience should have no problem erecting a small building with a small crew. However, any of the medium to large size buildings would best be left to a group of professional builders.


This mainly comes down to the size and skill level of the crew you are using. If you are unsure it is always best to enlist the help of professionals. 

Ready to get started? 


Ready to get started building your own agricultural metal building? Contact the professional pole barn builders at Tru-Bilt Buildings today! We would be happy to help you complete your next project.