Post Frame Construction for Event Venues

Post Frame Construction for Event Venues

If you are familiar with commercial metal building construction, you may have heard of post-frame construction. Whether it is a wedding, a reunion, a banquet, or anything in between, today more than ever, people are choosing pole barns. 


Pole barns combine the homely look of a country home with the functionality of an event center. This can make it the ideal setting to get away from it all to enjoy a special event in peace. 


Event pole barn venues offer a great big, wide-open space to hold your event. This makes pole barns the ideal open venue space. With many benefits such as: 


  • More cost-effective construction 
  • Deep posts, provide high-quality structural support and eliminate the need for interior support beams. 
  • Very easy to clean and maintain. 


Pole barns are also extremely customizable. They are some of the most versatile building options available. You can add many features such as covered porches, sliding doors, skylights, vaulted ceilings, and more! 


These options make pole barns preferred over many other forms of construction. They make great wineries, restaurants, and churches if you are interested in commercial metal building construction, or if you simply need a gathering space. 

Pole barn construction tips 


Always have a plan 

Make sure you have a plan for how you want the building to look, both inside and out. Know how you are filling the space, how much you are willing to spend, and what the space will mainly be used for. 


Looks are second 

Make sure your focus is on the capacity of the venue and the size you need. Focusing on how you want your venue to look can cause mistakes in the functionality of the building, and once it is up, it will be really hard to go back and change things. 


Write out your commercial metal building plan

Make sure to use an artboard to write out a design for what you want your building layout to be. This will help you visualize easier the final product. 


Have more commercial metal building questions?

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