Commercial Post Frame Construction

Commercial Post Frame Construction

Commercial Post Frame Construction

Commercial post-frame construction is a quickly growing style of commercial construction. This style of construction offers many benefits. Read this article from Tru-Bilt to learn more about commercial construction and its benefits.

What is Commercial Construction?

Commercial construction is the type of construction that involves commercial buildings, including the design, renovation, and building of the structure. Commercial buildings include structures such as restaurants, storage units, storefronts, and more. 


What are the Benefits of Commercial Post-Frame Construction?

Customization: These structures are easy to customize to each customer’s specific needs. Many aspects of a post-frame building can be tailored, such as the exterior design, color, and size. At Tru-Bilt, we offer many different options to ensure that we can build the perfect building for you.

Affordability: Commercial barn builders build structures that are an affordable alternative to traditional building methods. Conventional building methods are often more expensive (and usually more complicated) than post-frame construction.

Durability: Commercial buildings built by the commercial barn builders at Tru-Bilt Buildings are designed to withstand extreme conditions. Our post-frame buildings are built to withstand the 85 mph winds, 3 feet of standing snow, seismic 3 earthquake standards, and even have a maintenance-free exterior.

Commercial Post-Frame Construction at Tru-Bilt

Tru-Bilt Buildings is a leader in post-frame construction in Southern Illinois and surrounding areas. We stand by our work and make sure to provide the highest quality and best value possible to our customers. All of our buildings are covered under a 5-year warranty against roof leaks, a 40-year warranty on the roof and sidewall metal, and a 1-year guarantee against defects in workmanship. We are commercial barn builders who strive to provide high-quality results. 

So, are you ready for a Tru-Bilt building of your own? Contact Tru-Bilt today for a quote or to learn more about our financing options.