How to Maintain Your Pole Barn

How to Maintain Your Pole Barn

If you have already built metal buildings before or are planning on building one, then it is important to know how to keep one in good shape. If your metal building was built by a quality pole barn builder, then you should expect it to last many years, but good maintenance can extend its life exponentially. 


Metal buildings typically require less maintenance than most other types of construction. Manly because of the sturdy materials used, and the sturdy style of construction. The wooden posts are treated to be rot resistant, and a quality builder will always source the best metal for the project. Even with all of these improvements in construction however, there is always going to be natural wear and tear on any building you may erect. Luckily we have plenty of maintenance tips to help you take care of your metal buildings: 

Metal Buildings: Roof Inspections


Don’t worry, climbing on your roof is more often than not, unnecessary. Once every quarter, just take some time to identify weak spots in your ceiling and roof. It’s a little bit easier to spot during rainstorms, but can be done without one. If you find a leak, after inspecting your roof, calling a professional contractor is highly recommended. Using the same builder that constructed your building will also provide an extra level of ease and efficiency to repairs as well.  

Removing Debris 


After storms it is not uncommon to have hazardous debris land on the roofs of metal buildings. Leaving this debris for an extended period of time can allow it to weaken your roof and eventually cause holes and leaks. This also applies to excess snow, and ice dams that will damage your gutters. It is important to remove this debris as soon as possible to increase the longevity of your roof. 

Clean the Exterior of your Metal Buildings


Power washing is an amazing way to improve the longevity and appearance of your metal buildings. Make sure that the power washer you are using is ideal for metal buildings and you are a good distance away from the building to avoid chipping the paint off. Knocking the mud, dirt, and grime off of your metal buildings will give it an appealing shine, and decrease the chances of rust immensely. 

Think about Paint 


Most paint is warrantied for about 30 years, but make sure you know that for sure. a trusted pole barn builder should be able to get that information to you without a problem. Depending on when your metal building was built, you may need to replace the paint. It is highly recommended that you utilize a professional, instead of doing it yourself, as professionals can offer warranties to protect you against expensive chips and damage. 

Have more Questions? 


Have more questions about pole barn building and maintenance? Contact the local experts at Tru-Bilt Buildings. We have been building Tru for decades, and would be happy to help you complete your next building project. Reach out today!