Choosing a Door for your Pole Barn

Choosing a Door for your Pole Barn

Choosing a Door for your Pole Barn

You might think that a door wouldn’t make much of a difference in your pole barn, but when it comes to pole barn prices, styles, and structure, that’s really not the case. Picking the perfect door for your pole barn should be an important part of your pole barn design process. The door you choose will affect the pole barn prices, functionality, and warranty options. 

What to Consider when Choosing a Pole Barn Door

Before choosing a pole barn door, it is important to know what should be considered before making an informed decision. Here are some of the main points you should be considering:

How often will the doors be used? 

Are you putting this door on a pole barn home, an agricultural building, or a storage unit? If you are only spending time in the building once a week as opposed to once a day, that will affect the type of door options you should be looking at. 

What size of equipment will need to get through the door? 

Certain types of doors are suited for certain sizes of storage items. The size of what you are putting into the building is going to directly correlate with what door you will need. You will also need to know if it is something that will need to consistently leave and be returned to the building. 


What is your building layout? How big is your building? 

Make sure you are taking note of the complete layout of your building before making any decisions. This includes the height of the ceiling. Make sure you are talking with your builder from the very beginning about the type of door you want, as this will influence your building design. 


What style of building do you want? 

Something small but still notable, is what do you want your building to look like? Sometimes aesthetics can be very important. Take a look at different doors and consider the look and customization you are looking for. 


Need More Help? 

If you have any more questions, reach out to the pole barn experts at Tru-Bilt Buildings today! Our friendly staff would be happy to help you with any questions you may have. Find us on Facebook or give us a call!