Pole Barn Exteriors

Pole Barn Exteriors

Post-frame and pole barn garage construction is getting more advanced by the day. It’s renowned for its versatile design, and durability. One of the best features of pole barn construction is its wide selection of exterior additions and details. With pole barn construction there is very little in terms of limits with what you can do with your structure. Here we are going to break down some of the best pole barn exteriors, as well as their pros and cons. 

Pole Barn and Garage construction: Steel Siding 


Steel siding is one of the most common additions to a pole barn structure. Steel is light and easy to install. This is best handled by a professional pole barn builder and usually does not require any type of subcontractor. However, it is possible to handle this on your own if you would like to construct your pole barn using a building kit. However, there are downsides to steel, the main one being rust. No matter what type of steel you get, it will rust eventually. You can purchase higher quality steel to delay this significantly though. One other unfortunate thing about steel, however, is that it is a commodity, and will vary in price depending on the market. 

Frame Construction: Vinyl Siding 


If you are looking at residential buildings or detached garage construction, vinyl siding might be a good choice. Pole barn building is so versatile that it can match any other building on your property. Your building can be constructed so your neighbors can’t even tell it is post-frame construction. Vinyl siding installation is quite easy. You can do it yourself or hire a contractor to do it for you. Some pole barn builders offer it as an add-on to the build if you would like to get it done during the build process. 

Pole Barn and Garage construction: Versetta Stone 


Versetta stone is a great way to add some style and elegance to your building. Whether it is a commercial building, residential, or something in between. Versetta stone is a siding panel that is cement-based and requires no mortar. They can be installed by almost any contractor, they look like real masonry, and are lightweight. They do however have a large price tag and take a little longer to install than most other options. 

Brick Exteriors 


Brick siding is a great option for any pole barn exterior. It is great for commercial or residential buildings. Brick is very durable and low maintenance, unlike steel and vinyl. However, brick is one of the more expensive options, but can be prepared by your pole barn builder and added to your quote. 

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