How to Find a Pole Barn Builder

How to Find a Pole Barn Builder

So you’ve made the decision- it’s time to build the pole barn that you have been dreaming about. Deciding to move forward with building a pole barn leads to many other decisions, such as the key choice of finding the right pole barn builder. How do you find the correct building company to tackle your project? Here are some tips to find the builder that is right for you. 

Finding  a Pole Barn Builder


A huge part of finding the right pole barn builder is finding a contractor who is experienced. Spending years in the construction industry teaches skills and knowledge that can’t be replaced, so it is important to find a building company that has enough experience to get your project completed correctly and safely. 



A company’s reviews can tell you a lot about the quality of buildings and customer service that they offer. Check out a company’s online reviews by doing a quick Google search, or find their social media profiles and look through their reviews there. While skimming through reviews, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Has the company been in business for very long?
  • Are they a reputable company?


Talk to Your Friends and Neighbors

Chances are, you know someone who owns a pole barn already. Talk to them about who built theirs and ask for recommendations on what company they would choose.



Pay close attention to how well or how poorly a company communicates with you as you reach out to make inquiries or estimates. Do they respond quickly to your calls? Do they provide you with the information that you need? Good communication with a pole barn builder is a sign that they will be easy to work with and will build a quality structure. 


Pole Barns from Tru-Bilt Buildings

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