Avoiding Pole Barn Rot

Avoiding Pole Barn Rot

The Largest Threat to your Pole Barn Posts 


Pole barns are usually set into the ground by a concrete crew. This alone puts them at risk for pole barn rot. Rot is the number one reason pole barns become damaged or unstable. Rotten wood is usually the result of fungus growing in moist crevices in the building itself or the foundation. While this is great when it happens to decaying plants in a forest, it is anything but when it happens to your pole barn. 


If a fungus has found a home in the posts of your pole barn, your entire structure may be at risk. Never ignore signs of pole barn rot, as fungus will continue to spread rapidly until completely collapsing your structure. 


How to Protect your Pole Barn 


Moisture is the biggest culprit of pole barn rot, so keeping moisture and oxygen out of your posts is top priority. Of course it is next to impossible to eliminate oxygen, so moisture is going to be your primary target. The best way to do this is to inspect your pole barn whenever possible, even the smallest of leaks, can cause permanent damage if left alone for too long. Small to medium sized holes or cracks are also a sign of moisture damage, as well as termites and carpenter ants. These insects enjoy damp wood as a living environment, so their presence is a major red flag. 


Have the Concrete Crew Plan your Pole Barn with Moisture Already in mind 


If your pole barn is already built, it is best to simply protect your posts with sealant and keep an eye on them, but if you have yet to build your pole barn, there are ways to ensure it is done right. First, consider where you are building, as this factors into drainage. Don’t build near a large water source, and make sure to grade the solid away from your barn to prevent pooling when it rains. Ensure the builder and concrete crew you hire is highly skilled with a good track record. A quality builder can go a long way in saving you time, money, and hassle. 


More Questions for our Concrete Crew and Builders? 


If you have more questions regarding pole barn rot, pole barn construction, or something in between, don’t hesitate to contact the number one pole barn builders in Southern Illinois at Tru-Bilt Buildings. We have been building for decades and have the longest track record of quality buildings in the area. Contact us today, to see how we can help you build Tru.