The Benefits of Pole Barns

The Benefits of Pole Barns

When most people hear “pole barn,” they usually think of farms or livestock. However, pole barn homes, as well as commercial use pole barns have been growing in popularity for years. Many are starting to see the incredible benefits of a pole barn house, shed, and business. Whether you are using them for garages, stockrooms, a home, or for equipment storage, you can find a pole barn option that fits your needs. 

What is a pole barn? 

Pole barns are structures made with laminated wood columns about every eight feet. Each column is connected by grits made from lumber to support the load in each area. The structure supports the roof, which is made from clear span trusses. This is why a pole barn house is such a perfect mix of durability, looks, and balance. Today, you will hear professional builders and engineers refer to pole barns as “post-frame” structures. This is simply a different way of rearing to the same type of structure, it just goes to show its ever-increasing popularity and versatility. 


The Benefits of Pole Barns 

There are so many benefits to a pole barn house compared to standard construction. Just to name a few: 


  1. Pole barns are more durable 

Pole barns are created with incredibly thick columns, spaced apart to create a solid foundation that can resist even the harshest of weather. The columns efficiently transfer the weight of the building allowing a pole barn house to resist wind much better than most forms of construction. 


  1. More cost-effective foundations 

A pole barn house usually does not require a basement as it is supported by columns. Lower level construction is often the most expensive and time-consuming process of a build, however since pole barns have columns that can be placed as deep as 4 feet, a basement is usually unnecessary. This also makes extensions easier. Typical stick frame construction would require you to dig up these posts to add extensions, but a huge benefit of pole barns is that they do not run into these issues. 


  1. Pole barns can be built very quickly 

That’s right since a pole barn house does not require any sort of foundation or basement, you can have much more freedom and flexibility when building. This allows for tons of customization and a significantly shorter construction time. This is great for people on a budget or time crunch, or people looking to get their dream building exactly how they want. 


  1. The walls don’t suffer from excess weight 

One of the major downfalls of stick-frame buildings is that they rely on their interior walls to do most of the heavy lifting. Luckily, pole barns create open areas for storage or living space, without suffering in stability. Pole barn designs are usually much cleaner, as they can maintain a lot more free space without needing to fill the space with supports. 


  1. Color options and tons of variety in style 

If you are looking to style and color your space exactly how you want, a pole barn is a fantastic option. Most pole barn builders can offer an incredibly large variety of colors, styles, designs, and layouts. Make sure to talk with your builder about your ideas before you begin building. 


Ready to get started? 

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