Where Should I Place My Pole Barn?

Where Should I Place My Pole Barn?

Pole barns are an amazing option for anyone looking to build a new home or storage building. Custom pole barn homes, agricultural storage buildings, and commercial storage units are all wildly popular in the world today. However, it is important to consider all the details that will go into your new post frame building. One of the big items to consider is where you should place your new building on your property, something that sometimes gets overlooked. Here are some of the things to consider when deciding where to place your building. 


Zoning is an incredibly important thing to consider when building custom pole barn homes or other post frame buildings. When plans have been drawn up and completed, you should submit them for inspection to ensure that the building is not placed too close to power lines and roadways, and also to verify that the project is not violating any other zoning rules.

Building Access

While this is an incredibly important part of the process, it often can be forgotten. When building a new pole barn, think about where you will be entering the building once it is built. If you have multiple buildings on your property, think about going from one building to the next and whether you will have to extend your driveway or make other accommodations. These can all play a factor into where the best location on your property is for your building. 

Local Weather

If you are building your new pole barn, consider what the weather is like in the location in which you are building your project. For rainy areas, it is best to build on higher elevations in order to make drainage better. Or, position your building in a way that helps to melt snow off of the building or keeps the building warmer by using the sun.

Building on a Slope

In the case that you decide to build your post frame building on sloped land, it is important to account for the slope in your construction plans. The way that water drains is affected by the slope, so it is best practice to build on the top of a slope rather than the bottom to avoid the risk of water running into your building. Also, consider the construction crew who will be building the pole barn. If they will have trouble accessing the build location due to the slope, it may be best to place the building elsewhere. 

Views and Surroundings

Chances are, you may be building a post frame building in a location with vegetation that you want to preserve or a view that would be nice to take advantage of. Place your building where you can best take advantage of these items.

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