Why Are Pole Barns a Great Option?

Why Are Pole Barns a Great Option?

There are many benefits to building a pole barn in Illinois. Post-frame construction has become popular for many reasons. Since the 1930s it has been known for its economical and efficient options for not only residential but also commercial projects. When investing in this type of project, it’s important to remember to have qualified pole barn builders in Illinois. Tru-Bilt has been in the Illinois pole barn business for over 30 years. 


Affordability & Durability

One of the two most popular reasons for building a pole barn is affordability and the simple fact that they were made to last. Fewer materials are needed to build a pole barn. Because they are built with telephone poles (hence the name pole barn,) the material and construction cost is less than the average build. Pole barns are known for withstanding adverse weather conditions. For pole barns in Illinois, that’s anywhere from extreme heat to extreme cold.  The materials used for building a pole barn in Illinois are made to withstand the harsh outdoor elements. 



Tru-Bilt pole barns are also known for their multiple uses. Pole barns are not just used as barns but for so much more. They are a great option as a garage to hold vehicles or large equipment. They have also been used for open space venues in commercial settings and even built as residential homes.


Building Process

The popularity to use a pole barn plan as a residential home is the open floor plan and the ease to build it. Because of the straight forward building process, there is so much less hassle for a homeowner to worry about. It allows a homeowner to save money while allowing them the freedom to build the home they dream of.


Pole Barn Builders in Illinois

Tru-Bilt Buildings is the leader in the post-frame construction industry in Southern Illinois. With a great financing program, outstanding warranty, and hard-working professional team, Tru-Bilt is a clear choice. Contact Tru-Bilt today for a free quote or to learn more today!