Pole Barn Truss Spacing: Why is it Important

Pole Barn Truss Spacing: Why is it Important

Did you know that pole barn trusses are an incredibly important part of the structural integrity of your pole barn? The placement and spacing of the trusses is a decision that should be taken seriously and should consider a number of factors. The expert builders at Tru-Bilt are here to help you understand trusses and why they are important, so keep reading to learn more. 


What are pole barn trusses?

Trusses are what support the roof of your pole barn. They are a rigid wooden framework whose profile, spacing, pitch, and other factors are determined by the pole barn’s design. In other words, trusses vary based upon the design of the building and what their application is to be.


Trusses and Structural Integrity

It is essential to the structural integrity of the pole barn that the truss to column connection is properly designed. If these connections are designed the way that they should be, it will not only stabilize but will also strengthen the truss. A post frame construction job that is high quality will minimize the number of points where the brunt of the load is reliant on the fasteners. Ideally, the truss should be interlocked with the column instead of using a saddled connection. 


Pole Barn Truss Spacing

There is no universal number for how far apart pole barn trusses should be spaced. The spacing really depends on the individual project and specifications. Trusses are often spaced anywhere from 4 feet apart to even 12 or 16 feet apart. How can you determine how much space should be left between each truss? Look at factors such as the span of the truss, load conditions, or bay spacing to learn more about what spacing will work best for you!


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