How Long Do Pole Barns Last

How Long Do Pole Barns Last

The decision to purchase a pole barn is a big one and probably isn’t taken lightly. Many people considering purchasing a pole barn have the same question- how long do pole barns last? The pole barn lifespan varies, especially considering how well maintained the building is. So, let’s explore the common lifespan of pole barns. 


The Common Lifespan

There are a few different numbers that get thrown around by experts when it comes to talking about how long a pole barn is going to last. However, the most commonly cited timeline is 40-60 years. 


But, that doesn’t mean that after 40-60 years your pole barn is guaranteed to lose function or no longer be standing. In fact, it is possible that with the proper care, pole barns could last upwards of 100 years. Many builders and experts cite 40-60 years to be on the safe side, but if the owner of a pole barn keeps up with all of the necessary structural upkeep, the building will likely outlast the 40-60 year pole barn lifespan.


Factors that Contribute to Lifespan

Just like any other building, there are specific factors that play a role in how long the building will last. Pole barns are built using a relatively simple design using materials that are long-lasting. The steel used in the cladding or the structural materials that are mostly protected from the elements are not a great area of concern when it comes to the longevity of a pole barn. 


The main area of concern for a pole barn occurs underground. The wooden posts of a pole barn are buried underground, leaving them susceptible to rot or other damage. As a result, it’s fairly obvious that the posts need to be maintained and monitored in order to keep the building structurally sound. To combat this issue, pole barn posts are treated and many builders set the posts in concrete to prevent rotting and improve the strength of the structure. 


In addition, as the post-frame construction industry continues to evolve, pole barns are becoming more durable and structurally sound for longer. Industry standards have led to continued improvements that will help extend the pole barn lifespan.


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