How to Treat and Protect Pole Barn Posts

How to Treat and Protect Pole Barn Posts

Pole barns have become an incredibly common style of construction. These structures are supported by wooden posts. These posts are very important for maintaining the structural integrity of the building, so they need to be protected and treated accordingly. 


Post Condition

Pole barn posts that have begun to crack or rot make the entire structure of the pole barn weaker. The posts are the foundation of the pole barn, so it is critical that they remain in good condition. If the pole barn does not have good, solid posts, the structure of the pole barn is in danger. Luckily, there are ways to keep your pole barn posts in good condition. 


Maintaining Your Posts

Moisture is the biggest culprit of damage in the posts of pole barns.  Moisture in the posts sets up the perfect environment for fungi. As a result, it should be a priority to protect the posts from moisture. Keeping as much moisture out of the posts as possible is the best way to protect from moisture-loving fungi. 


How can you protect from moisture? Perform regular inspections of your barn and of your posts. Be on the lookout for small cracks, holes, or leaks. Major damage can come from even the smallest leaks if they aren’t addressed soon enough. If a leak goes unaddressed or unnoticed, it will become softened by fungi. In addition, insects such as carpenter ants or termites are attracted to wood that has been softened by fungi, leading to an infestation. 


Protecting Your Posts From Rot

The most effective way to ensure that your pole barn lasts a long time is to protect your posts from fungi and from rotting. Use pressure treated wood, a type of wood treated with chemicals, for your posts to keep fungi away. Another way to prevent moisture and fungi is to keep your wooden posts from coming into contact with the soil or concrete by using protective plastic around the bottom of the posts.



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